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SpectrumTek partners with Xactly, a leading provider of cloud-based technology for Sales Performance Management (SPM), to deliver exceptional consulting and implementation services. We have been Xactly implementation partner for more than a decade. Our collaboration focuses on designing and deploying cutting-edge solutions for various aspects of SPM, including Incentive Calculation, Commission Accruals, Territory and Quota Planning, and Analytics.

With our expertise in niche consulting and implementation, SpectrumTek assists clients in automating and streamlining their SPM business processes. By aligning sales behavior with overall business strategy, motivating sales teams, and enhancing profitability, we empower organizations to achieve their goals. Additionally, our solutions reduce errors, provide valuable business analytics, and facilitate better decision-making.

As an Xactly implementation partner we strive to help our joint customers conceive and implement comprehensive solutions that optimize sales performance, drive growth, and maximize success in today’s competitive marketplace.


Why Partner With Xactly & SpectrumTek?

Xactly Incent

Incent empowers organizations to successfully automate, implement, and manage complex Sales Performance programs. Configure and manage various business processes using built-in document and workflow management.


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Commission Accruals

Xactly’s Commission Expense Accounting (CEA) delivers a comprehensive commission expense management solution that ensures organizational compliance with ASC 606 / IFRS 15 standards.

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Xactly Connect

Automates and streamlines the flow of data across Xactly products through its standards-based data integration platform. Leveraging its secure, scalable architecture and web interface, it is easy to get data in and out of various modules. 

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Our Partnership

SpectrumTek has been an Xactly implementation partner since 2012. Over a decade, we have implemented Xactly solutions for several small, medium and large businesses acrosswide range of industries. Our team of Connect experts helps customers with the most complex data integration needs.

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Post Implementation Services

SpectrumTek’s FICO (Focus on Improving Commission Operations) approach help customers maximize their Xactly investments ROI. FICO is a 3-phased approach developed by our SPM thought leaders to help enhance and improve business processes via technology enhancements.

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Rapid DevDep Approach

This Low Cost/High Speed implementation methodology is best suited for small/midsize companies looking for a quick ROI from Xactly. Contact us to discuss if this approach is suitable for your organization.

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Case Study

Commission accrual is a critical process for any SAAS company, but it can be tedious and time-consuming when done using spreadsheets. This was the case for Classy, where the spreadsheet-based process made it difficult to track individual deals and ensure proper accounting. 

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In early 2019, Ellie Mae engaged with SpectrumTek to help resolve their ongoing challenges with their Xactly Incent implementation. The original implementation was not designed optimally, requiring manual adjustments every month. 

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Jabil’s objective was to replace an inefficient home-grown MS Excel-based system that had ceased to be effective in managing its employees’ compensation package. The system was not scalable, did not provide any visibility to the field, and required a major yearly overhaul to support plan changes .

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Exploring Xactly for your SPM Needs?

 Contact us for a Discovery Session for us to understand your business needs. Our team can then give you a tailored demo to show how other customers use Xactly Incent to automate their commission operations. 

Why Spreadsheets Don’t Work for Sales Compensation?

While spreadsheets are very efficient in automating all types of calculations, when it comes to sales compensation, they fail miserably. What’s so special about sales compensation that spreadsheets don’t work? 

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