Territory &
Quota Planning

Territory and Quota planning is the holy grail of SPM. Getting it right is essential for maximizing the power of your sales team.

Our T&Q Approch

Spectrumtek helps sales and finance leaders build territories and quotas with the goal of maximizing revenue and tailoring quotas as per the rep’s strengths and territory’s potential. Using AI/ML technologies, our experts can go beyond Territory Planning towards Territory Optimization for even greater ROI.

Territory Design

Properly designed sales territories can make a world of difference for your team and your business. Drawing random lines on the map or just copy/paste territory design from previous year doesn’t set your business for success.

Maximize Coverage

Focus on meeting specific customer needs and target prospects that are most likely to buy, rather than simply playing a numbers game by trying to cover the most ground. Match territory needs with sales rep’s skillset and bandwidth.

Quota Planning

The Quota Planning business process offers top-down and bottom-up target quota planning by territory, product, account, or other custom dimensions. Consider territory potential while allocating quota.


It takes a village to plan for Territories and Quotas. Sales, Finance, HR and the executives must collaborate. All communication and approvals must have proper audit trail, checks and balances and version management.


What If analysis formulates the core of a good T&Q planning process. Statistical algorithms, even AI/ML, should be applied to make sense of data and build checks and balances in the Pay Curves and Thresholds.

Rep Assignment

Rep assignment to Territories shouldn’t just be a copy past from last year. AI/ML algorithms can be applied to make the best possible match as per customer needs, sales rep’s expertise and available bandwidth.

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