Accelerate and simplify the vendor selection process by partnering with SpectrumTek, an SPM industry insider for more than 10 years.

Vendor Selection Approch

For SPM automation, there are several tools available and many questions to answer, including Build v/s Buy and On-Premise versus Cloud. It can be very confusing navigating through vendor’s sales pitches. One thing they all have in common is that some of their customers love them, and others don’t.

Our Vendor Evaluation services are designed to give you a comprehensive comparison of all the vendors and guide you towards the right decision for your specific needs. We conduct discovery sessions to analyze the current and future state as we build the RFI/RFP. Our team sets firm expectations for vendors regarding what to demo, so you are not flustered by lofty sales-pitches. We’ll walk you through the strengths and limitations of various tools and help pick the best option.

Our vendor agnostic evaluation services will provide:

-Industry insights into vendors strengths and limitations

-Accelerated RFI/RFP rollout

-Evaluation Criterion

-Scoring Matrix 

-Evidence based decisions

Business Case

We start by asking the question – Why do you need the tool? Understanding key pain points, expected outcomes and risks, we prepare the ROI model to estimate cost savings.  Also, a readout on risks and costs of maintaining the status quo. 

Build vs Buy

Off-the-shelf software packages work best when your business needs fit the industry norms and your IT systems and processes are open to embracing the change. Cost is a huge factor, but equally important is your internal expertise and long-term vision.

RFI/RFP Development

SPM needs, being X-functional in nature, can’t be communicated in a generic RFP template from the procurement. You need domain expertise to articulate your specific needs and expected outcomes. We’d accelerate the RFI/RFP process as we have done it over and over!

Vendor Communication

Once the software demos start, you’d find yourself confused and drowned in mind numbing sales pitches. Our team will define the demo scripts for the vendors to ensure that focus stays on your complex needs, instead of colorful screens and dashboards.

Scoring Matrix

How do you scientifically justify the vendor choice? We build customized matrix to show overall Vendor Score, calculated as per the weight of each requirement, and vendor’s performance in that area. Don’t let individual preferences lead to biased decisions!

Contract Negotiation

Should you sign for a mutiyear contract? What’s the best pricing? What about SLAs and data retention? As an industry insider, we hand hold you at every stage of the negotiation and ensure that you are not flying blind during this critical phase of the project.

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