Managed SPM Services

End-to-end Sales Performance Management to enhance business productivity

Sales performance management is a complex business function combining people, processes and technology to effectively compensate sales professionals. As the size of sales teams and the complexity of compensation plans increase, organizations seek ways to automate their system in order to streamline operations. But, this is easier said than done.

The overwhelming amount of information on commercially available solutions confuses the SPM buyers more than it guides them. Most vendors are focused on improving their product features — so much so, that they completely ignore the customers’ business goals. The result is that once the new system comes into operation, there’s a huge gap in what the buyer was expecting and what is finally delivered to him/her.

Managed Services – The solution to your SPM related problems

Spectrum Technologies, with its unparalleled domain expertise and rich experience of in working with various SPM vendors across all industries, can help you manage the tactical and operational aspects of an SPM implementation. With our managed SPM services, you retain the strategic capability related to the sales compensation function while the tactical aspects are left to a service provider to assure consistent and scalable operations for the SPM function. Our Managed SPM services can be categorized into two service areas:

Business Operations Services

  • Level 1 support for payees
  • Data validation and support
  • Ownership for system processes
  • Liaison with vendor helpdesk
  • Issue management
  • Ad-hoc management reports

Technical Support Services

  • Plan change requests
  • Impact analysis and design
  • Unforeseen issue resolution
  • Configuration changes
  • Report development
  • ETL changes
  • UAT cycles
  • Documentation
  • Performance tuning
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