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10 ways to improve the effectiveness of Commission Operations

The Commission’s Operations team is always working towards payroll deadlines. In addition to their primary task of paying the sales team accurately and on time, they have numerous other tasks like managing compensation plans and related changes, managing quota changes, adding new compensation plans and new roles, changing territory definitions and assignments, addressing questions and disputes from the field, and so on.

One of the team’s primary responsibilities is the effective execution of a Sales Compensation Plan. Although a Sales Compensation Plan cannot be a substitute for effective sales leadership, it is an extremely powerful tool in the hands of sales management and sales compensation personnel. When this tool is appropriately used it can work wonders to motivate the sales staff and, in turn, affect a company’s bottom line. Even the best incentive compensation plans will not deliver the goods if it lacks in execution. This is where the Commissions Operations team plays a critical role.

See our “Top Ten” list of commission administration and sales operations practices that should be considered. These practices go a long way in improving the effectiveness of both the Sales Operations and Commissions teams.

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