Varian Case Study

Varicent Reimplementation at Varian

In 2012, Varian, a leading provider of cancer care technologies and solutions, implemented IBM’s ICM software (now Varicent). The goal was to automate sales compensation administration across all the geographic regions across all business units.

Soon after the initial rollout, it became evident that the solution was not designed to automate several of Varian’s business scenarios. Addressing those scenarios required significant manual administration, with Varian deploying an additional team of commission administrators to pay just 100+ payees on a quarterly basis. The original plan was to implement the software for use in all the geographic regions, but even after several years, the rollout remained limited to North America and Latin America. In spite of developing and implementing ongoing design patches, increasing data volumes led to the point where the daily batch process was taking 15+ hours, which was placing at risk Varian’s ability to pay sales commissions timely and accurately.


Download the case study to learn how SpectrumTek worked with Varian to:


  • Reimplement a clean installation of Varicent 10.x
  • Streamline and simplify reporting
  • Provide training and support to ensure that Varian was self-sufficient upon completion of the project