Sales Performance Management Systems:

Data Management Pitfalls and Best Practices


Data is the fuel that runs Sales Compensation systems. Many customers face challenges with “Data Readiness” when implementing SPM tools such as Varicent, Xactly or SAP Commissions. To address this, our team of SPM experts has compiled key insights on Data Management for SPM projects. We shared these insights in this live webinar. The following topics were covered:

    Inbound data for Territory & Quota / Sales Planning

    • Organization
    • Territory Alignment
    • Past Results Data
    • Opportunity Data

    Data sharing between Territory & Quota / Sales Planning and Commissions 

    • Organizational Data 
    • Territory Data 
    • Quota Data 

    Inbound Data for Commissions  

    • HXM / Organization Data 
    • CRM / Opportunity Data 
    • ERP / Invoice/Payment Data 
    • POS / Transactional Data 
    • Datawarehouse and other data sources 

    Outbound Data 

    • Payroll, AP, Accruals 
    • Reporting Data 
    • Data for Downstream systems 

    Best Practices around data in Commissions System