Case Study: Managing Sales Compensation at

Challenges faced by T-Mobile

T-Mobile’s business model entails ‘high volume’, ‘low value’ sales transactions. This combination leads to several complications for sales compensation administration. Millions of transactions have to be processed and commissions have to be recalculated on a daily basis.

Solution offered by Spectrum

The Managed Services team is composed of a 17-member team, 8 on-site team in Seattle, WA, and 9 in Spectrum’s Offshore Delivery Center (ODC) in India. The onsite team works from Spectrum’s office in Seattle, just couple of blocks from TMobile headquarter, with frequent visits to T-Mobile office for in-person meetings. The offshore team works from 5 AM PST – 2 PM PST, providing a 4 hour overlap with on-site team. The offshore team plays a critical role in monitoring the daily batch process, and proactively identifying and fixing the issues.

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