Case Study: Implementing IBM Cognos ICM at Varian

Challenges faced by Varian Medical Systems

Varian’s business model entails high value low volume sales transactions. There are just couple of hundred new sales order every year, but some of these orders are worth multi-million dollars. Sales teams composed of several payees are involved in each deal. To further complicate matters, the sales cycle and the delivery cycle both, are extremely long, sometimes taking more than a year or so. This combination of ‘high value’ transactions coupled with super long cycle, leads to several complications for sales compensation administration. Business scenarios such as Order Cancellations, Order Returns, Upgrades & Partial Cancellation.

Solution offered by Spectrum

Varian engaged Spectrum through their IBM partnership, to lead and support the
implementation of Cognos ICM solution. This on-premise Cognos solution has
replaced 70+ separate spreadsheets and has provided a centralized system for
commission calculations.

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