Case Study: Implementing CallidusCloud Monaco at LANDesk

Challenges faced by LANDesk

LANDesk Wavelink was using Excel based home grown tool to manage sales compensation for its 100+ strong salesforce. This entailed multiple and personalized worksheets for each payees, updated every month. The entire process required significant resources and was still highly error prone. To resolve this, LANDesk engaged Spectrum to do end-to-end implementation of CallidusCloud’s Monaco for Wavelink.

What LANDesk has to say

“LANDesk’s Monaco implementation at Wavelink was time sensitive and a huge challenge due to several conflicting priorities. Spectrum’s team helped us plan and execute the project. I am absolutely thrilled with their project planning, technical expertise and vast domain experience that they brought to the table. Absolutely fantastic team with rock solid commitment to customer success.”

– Kirk Archibald, LANDesk.

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