Ellie Mae Case Study

Optimizing Xactly Incent and Automating Manual Processes

Ellie Mae, Inc., is a Silicon Valley-based technology company offering solutions to assist mortgage professionals in originating more loans, lowering origination cost and reducing the time to close loans. To support business growth and align business strategy with sales behavior, Ellie Mae implemented Xactly Incent in 2016. Currently, they have 300 payees and 20 compensation plans.

In early 2019, Ellie Mae engaged with SpectrumTek to help resolve their ongoing challenges with their Xactly Incent implementation. The original implementation was not designed optimally, requiring manual adjustments every month. Old and outdated configurations added to the cumbersome process each cycle. Recent M&A activity led to a major change in compensation plans. The leadership team at Ellie Mae questioned if Xactly Incent was the right tool for them.

Download the case study to learn how SpectrumTek worked with Ellie Mae, to:

  • Deliver configurations that are streamlined, robust, and will stand the test of time
  • Empower Ellie Mae sales comp admins to take ownership of the Xactly Incent system and support their sales reps in an efficient manner
  • Reduce the number of manual steps in the monthly cycle, further reducing the cost of operations