Corporate Performance Management

Corporate performance management entails planning, analysis, budgeting


Corporate performance management entails planning, analysis, budgeting and ongoing monitoring of various important performance metrics of the business. CPM tools make collaborative planning easy and scalable across multiple data sources and business users within a function and across the organization without the need for any programming knowledge.

CPM tools marry the power of Excel with OLAP cubes and Cloud to help business users take control of planning, analysis and monitoring activities in many business functions such as:

  • Financial Planning, Analysis & Control
  • Sales Territory Planning & Quota Setting
  • Channel Performance Management
  • Marketing Budget & Campaign Planning
  • Product & Pricing Planning

While these are more commonly known uses cases, a CPM tool can be used in any business function where there is a need for:

  • Collaborative planning using multiple data sources
  • Dashboards and Business Analysis
  • Ongoing monitoring and control
  • Building predictive models and uncovering trends

Simplest ways to know that your company can benefit from a CPM tool are:

  • Critical data is handled in spreadsheets across the organization
  • Analysts are overwhelmed with data management and collaboration is frustrating
  • Business planning & analysis processes are ad hoc and not systematized

The key benefits of a planning tool like Jedox are:

  • Better collaboration between the planners and business managers
  • Faster and easy building and use of complex planning models
  • Well defined business processes to measure, analyze and monitor performance

When it comes to business operations, software alone cannot solve enterprise business problems. What is needed for success is a combination of domain knowledge, business sense, process acumen and a commitment to get great real-world outcomes.

Spectrum Technologies works with its clients to:

  • Establish BizOps approaches and processes
  • Implement CPM tool
  • Train and empower analysts and business team
  • Support Enhancements


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