When we signed on as a sponsor for Xactly Unleashed, we expected to meet thousands of Xactly customers in person, shaking hands, and enjoying some food and drink with them over a few days of keynotes, technical sessions and other activities.

Well … as they say, the best laid plans …

Instead, Xactly pivoted quickly and transitioned its annual user conference from a live conference to a virtual event. This is an example of the event’s major takeaway – Adapt or Die. Steven Colstad, one of our team members who participated in the event commented, “As businesses struggle to keep pace with the new normal, those that are loyal to dated home-grown technologies, or those that don’t adopt the latest technologies will not stay relevant or competitive. Consequently, they will die.”

Xactly Unleashed highlighted how Xactly’s technology can help you adapt – something that is vital in today’s COVID-19, uncertain economy. Xactly’s solutions can help you adapt by:

  • Motivating your sales team with proper sales planning and strategies that be quickly deployed
  • Compress your Go To Market (GTM) strategy
  • Introducing best practices for compensation payout accuracy (90%+ accuracy!)
  • Resolve compensation disputes, avoiding sales team flight risks, with blazing-fast processing times

Little is certain. What is certain is that your business has changed in the last few months. Maybe it is booming. Maybe it is struggling. Are you thinking about how you can adapt or die? Have you considered how a sales performance management solution help you adapt to your changed business environment?

BTW – if you missed the event and would like to watch it, all the sessions are available on demand.