I am currently working on a project for one of our enterprise customers that is leveraging Xactly Forms – a new module from Xactly with tremendous potential.

Forms offers a simple and intuitive User Interface layer to interact with Xactly’s leading SPM solution – Incent. Since Forms interfaces with both Xactly Incent and Connect, one can easily create new custom Forms for a variety of purposes including Data Entry, Data Reviews, Approvals, and some basic reporting.

Forms allows for user specific filtering.  So, for example, if navigation within Incent GUI is difficult, one can now build a custom Form to restrict the data visibility as per individual user’s role and responsibilities. This filtering by the user is not limited to Analysts or Administrators. Forms can be released to managers and sales reps as well.

Here are additional examples of how enterprise customer can take advantage of Forms:

  • Reviewing a batch of manual transactions and approving the lines to be sent to Incent for processing.
  • Entering Objectives and corresponding Scores by Sales Managers
  • Manual Transaction Adjustments
  • Direct Credit Entries
  • Periodic Sales Compensation Results review

Xactly Forms

Xactly Forms Screenshot

Per my experiences, implementing a new custom Form for simple tasks such as data reviews is straightforward. But for complex multi-step tasks or tasks that require Connect integration, expert-level knowledge is required. I am fortunate that I had the opportunity to do some hands-on configuration work on Forms at this early stage.

Because Xactly Forms has access to all the data in your Xactly environment, there are unlimited possibilities of how to automate operational processes in Forms. If you want to learn more about Forms or if you have a Use Case where Forms may fit, please don’t hesitate in contacting us at SpectrumTek. I will be more than happy to help you navigate this exciting new Xactly module.

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