Our partner, Xactly, is making its sales territory design and planning solution, AlignStar, available for free to businesses impacted by COVID-19. This will allow companies who are currently resource-constrained to quickly model and visualize what-if scenarios for sales planning. By doing so, businesses can better foresee the impact these changes will have on their organizations.

Xactly AlignStar enables users to:

  • Automate territory alignment – You can easily upload data and quickly visualize territory alignments
  • Identify “white-space” opportunities – AlignStar’s built-in thematic maps help identify opportunities you may have overlooked
  • Build & compare what-if models – You can compare multiple scenarios to make the best decisions.

Xactly AlignStar is a foundational component to the company’s suite of sales planning and sales performance management tools. Contact us to learn more about this limited time offer.