Case Study: Varicent Reimplementation at Varian

Case Study: Varicent Reimplementation at Varian


Varian Case Study

Varicent Reimplementation at Varian

In 2012, Varian, a leading provider of cancer care technologies and solutions, implemented IBM’s ICM software (now Varicent). The goal was to automate sales compensation administration across all the geographic regions across all business units.

Soon after the initial rollout, it became evident that the solution was not designed to automate several of Varian’s business scenarios. Addressing those scenarios required significant manual administration, with Varian deploying an additional team of commission administrators to pay just 100+ payees on a quarterly basis. The original plan was to implement the software for use in all the geographic regions, but even after several years, the rollout remained limited to North America and Latin America. In spite of developing and implementing ongoing design patches, increasing data volumes led to the point where the daily batch process was taking 15+ hours, which was placing at risk Varian’s ability to pay sales commissions timely and accurately.


Download the case study to learn how SpectrumTek worked with Varian to:


  • Reimplement a clean installation of Varicent 10.x
  • Streamline and simplify reporting
  • Provide training and support to ensure that Varian was self-sufficient upon completion of the project

Case Study: Callaway Golf

Case Study: Callaway Golf


Callaway Golf Case Study

Automating complex sales commissions with Varicent

Being a retail organization Callaway Golf has a high volume of transactions. Commissions on their products can change due to many dynamic variables. The variables that determine the payout rate for a product include seasonality, the product’s age, applied discounts, direct sale or to retail locations, golf tournament pop-ups, etc.

The manual process of calculating commissions was lengthy due to the large volume of transactions involved. All the channels in which items were being sold had to be collated weekly without understanding the deltas between pay periods. Distribution of sales and commission information to sales reps was limited to summary information with little or no traceability.


Download the case study to learn how SpectrumTek worked with Callaway Golf to:


  • Build a robust flexible Sales Performance solution
  • Guide and assist teams to keep priorities and milestones on track
  • Provide training and support to ensure that Callaway Golf was self-sufficient upon completion of the project

Case Study: Bloom Energy

Case Study: Bloom Energy


Bloom Energy Case Study

Automating complex sales commissions with SAP Commissions

Bloom Energy, headquartered in San Jose, CA., has a mission to make clean, reliable energy affordable for everyone in the world. The company’s product, the Bloom Energy Server, delivers highly reliable and resilient, always-on electric power that is cost-effective, and ideal for microgrid applications. Bloom’s customers include many Fortune 100 companies and leaders in manufacturing, data centers, healthcare, retail, higher education, utilities and other industries.

Bloom is a classic case of “low volume high value” transactions. The gap between bookings and billings creates huge challenges for commissions administration. Additionally, there were complex data requirements and system dependencies, resulting in the SpectrumTek team needing to design from scratch data integration and other related processes.

Download the case study to learn how SpectrumTek worked with Bloom Energy, to:

  • Calculate and pay commissions accurately and in a timely manner
  • Empower admin users to build reports on their own
  • Reduce administrative costs while also reducing error rates and field disputes



Case Study: Ellie Mae

Case Study: Ellie Mae


Ellie Mae Case Study

Optimizing Xactly Incent and Automating Manual Processes

Ellie Mae, Inc., is a Silicon Valley-based technology company offering solutions to assist mortgage professionals in originating more loans, lowering origination cost and reducing the time to close loans. To support business growth and align business strategy with sales behavior, Ellie Mae implemented Xactly Incent in 2016. Currently, they have 300 payees and 20 compensation plans.

In early 2019, Ellie Mae engaged with SpectrumTek to help resolve their ongoing challenges with their Xactly Incent implementation. The original implementation was not designed optimally, requiring manual adjustments every month. Old and outdated configurations added to the cumbersome process each cycle. Recent M&A activity led to a major change in compensation plans. The leadership team at Ellie Mae questioned if Xactly Incent was the right tool for them.

Download the case study to learn how SpectrumTek worked with Ellie Mae, to:

  • Deliver configurations that are streamlined, robust, and will stand the test of time
  • Empower Ellie Mae sales comp admins to take ownership of the Xactly Incent system and support their sales reps in an efficient manner
  • Reduce the number of manual steps in the monthly cycle, further reducing the cost of operations



Case Study: Jabil

Case Study: Jabil


Jabil Case Study

Delivering a cost-effective and scalable SPM process

SpectrumTek, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, was contacted directly in March 2017 by Jabil Inc.after receiving a strong referral.

Jabil Inc. (formerly Jabil Circuit) is an American worldwide manufacturing services company. Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, it is one of the largest companies in the Tampa Bay area. Jabil has 100 plants in 28 countries, and 170,000 employees. Jabil’s engineering, manufacturing, and intelligent supply chain solutions help its customers capitalize on accelerated change and achieve digital business advantage.

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