Sales performance management (SPM) systems hold great promise. But they can also be complex – and sometimes they fail. After nearly 15 years of experience implementing SPM software, we’ve come to recognize the key reasons why some projects just don’t work.

Before you start your SPM initiative, you should take a look at the reasons why some projects either fail or don’t get off the ground, and then take appropriate steps to get yourself on the success list.

We detail the what and why of these points of failure in our ebook, The Top Five Reasons Sales Performance Management Projects Fail. One of the five reasons SPM projects can fail is a lack of executive leadership.

Like any mission-critical and/or enterprise project, an SPM initiative must involve the participation and cooperation of numerous business units, including sales, finance, human resources, legal, IT (sometimes) and more. Unfortunately, with so many players involved, the possibility of participants losing interest, key players changing roles or companies, and priorities changing, can drastically increase. More so, if there is a lack of executive sponsorship or oversight, the change of the project failing increases again.

We’ve identified four other common reasons why SPM projects can fail. Understanding these will help you avoid these common pitfalls, and, hopefully, save you money in the long term. Learn what the other four reasons are.