Adapting Sales Incentive Plan for Recession: Tips for Keeping Your Sales Team Motivated and Productive

In the face of an economic downturn, it becomes imperative for sales compensation plan designers to adjust their incentive strategies ...
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Why Spreadsheet Don’t Work for Sales Compensation?

You work for a fast-growing company with a vibrant sales organization. You feel good about the company’s performance, but when ...
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Concorde Problem in Sales Compensation

You're probably thinking, 'What’s this Concorde Problem, and how does it impact sales compensation? Let’s dive in…! Super Sonic Concorde ...
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Sales Compensation Plans: Beware of The Cobra Effect

You must be familiar with the term 'Unintended Consequences.' This concept not only holds the key to improving your sales ...
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Fiscal Year Transition: Seven Mistakes to Avoid

At the beginning of the new fiscal year, incentive programs are rolled out with the best of intentions. However, half ...
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Quota Setting Methodologies

Sales compensation plan design is done assuming sales organization’s ability to set company wide goals, and more importantly set quotas ...
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Sales Compensation: Plan Design Fundamentals

Developing a sales compensation plan takes hard work, careful planning, and constant monitoring. Plan designers must deal with diverse opinions ...
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Territory Management: Creating A Winning Battle Plan

As we march towards the start of a new year, the annual ritual of territory planning is upon us. Effective ...
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Sales Quota: Setting It The Right Way

In sales management, there is one task we obsess over – setting quotas. As soon as one sales period ends ...
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Xactly Forms – A new way to interact with Incent

I am currently working on a project for one of our enterprise customers that is leveraging Xactly Forms - a ...
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